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Dr. Fred Peck

Accredited Fellow, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Peck is only 1 of 3 Accredited Fellows of the AACD in Ohio,
only 1 of 90 WORLDWIDE

One word that I would have to describe Dr. Peck would be “perfectionist.” People say to me, ‘you smile more, your smile is bigger, and you seem more confident.’ I would do this again.


Dr. Fred Peck is a master in creating
Cosmetic & Restorative
Dental Treatments

Artistry and Style

Dr. Fred Peck has become known for sculpting natural, beautiful smiles throughout the years.

Smiles by Dr. Peck

What makes us different?

Dr. Fred Peck and his team are perfectionists when it comes to your smile.