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Dr. Peck offers several options that patients can choose when it comes to teeth replacement. Patients may choose to get either full or partial dentures, implants, or bridges. Dentures are often the solution patients are looking for.

Dentures are an affordable solution to tooth loss and typically take less time to receive than dental implants. Dentures consist of a flesh-colored base and the synthetic teeth attached to it. The artificial teeth are typically made of acrylic resin.

The patient will make an appointment for the impression. The impressions are used to make a plaster model of the mouth. A dental lab will build the dentures to the specifications. Then, the patient will have the first fitting. While some people may find their dentures fit properly right away, most need to have a few adjustments done for optimal comfort.

Altering the size of dentures is known as hard or soft relining. It involves reshaping the underside of the denture to make it more comfortable as it rests against the gums.

Proper oral hygiene will involve removing the dentures at night and leaving them in a special solution overnight. The patient will still need to brush the gums and ensure that there are no bits of food in the dentures. Patients also need to be careful to avoid dropping the dentures on the counter or ground in the bathroom. Attempting to repair the dentures without professional experience can lead to catastrophic results.

Interested in Dentures?

If you are missing teeth and need to restore function to your smile, contact us to find out if dentures are right for you.

Immediate Dentures

There are cases in which we need to remove the rest of the teeth before placing full dentures. However, that can mean that people will need to make multiple appointments and go several days to even a week without teeth. With immediate dentures, patients can receive the dentures after removing the teeth. Once we complete this step, we will insert the dentures. These dentures will help to protect the tissues of the gums as they heal. With the traditional dentures process, patients will learn to speak with temporary dentures in place for several days, only to repeat the process when the new dentures are complete. With immediate dentures, patients will also be able to continue their daily routine with minimal changes. Another problem many face with traditional dentures is learning to chew with the new set of teeth. Fortunately, immediate dentures help the patient do this faster than regular dentures and prevent them from having to repeat the process.

Implant Supported Dentures

The implant process involves placing an implant into the bone structure of the jaw, where it should sit permanently. Dr. Peck then places a crown over the implant for a realistic look. Most patients can then use the tooth immediately. The implant procedure can also reduce future bone loss.

Implant supported dentures make it easier to eat your favorite meals and engage in normal daily activities since they will remain securely in your mouth. You will not need to worry about them coming loose or slipping out of place while eating, speaking, or engaging in high-impact activities. Not only will this prevent unnecessary embarrassment, but it will also make life more comfortable since your dentures will not be rubbing against your gums, causing irritation.

Ongoing Denture Care

While we customize dentures to fit the patient‘s jaw and not cause irritation, the jaw may change shape over time. Due to this process, the jawbone recedes and the dentures may not fit as well as before. With this in mind, we can provide continued maintenance of the dentures.

While damage or natural wear and tear to dentures is inevitable, we can help patients prevent possible damage and other issues by going over the best methods for effective denture use. In other cases, people will break or damage a pair of dentures due to improper care or eating hard foods immediately after receiving dentures. Most dentures also require patients to remove them each night and soak them in a solution while they sleep. When people do not follow the proper steps each night, they risk more damage to the dentures and their own health. Fortunately, we can ensure that dentures fit correctly and help patients keep up proper denture maintenance with regular appointments. We will adjust or repair the dentures so that the patient will be able to use them comfortably on a regular basis.

Wearing Dentures

Schedule an appointment to visit Dr. Peck. We’ll answer all your questions about wearing dentures. We look forward to meeting you!

Partial Dentures

If you are missing a tooth, there is a solution available in the form of a partial denture. Though the average dentist does not perform this procedure at a high frequency, it is effective and rapidly growing in popularity.

Partial dentures are a fantastic solution for patients who are missing multiple back teeth. There are all sorts of benefits to partial dentures for back teeth, ranging from the comparably low cost to superior comfort and improved oral health. With partial dentures for your back teeth, you will be able to eat, drink, talk and smile without reservation.

There is also a newer variety of partial dentures that are more aesthetically pleasing. This option is known as a “flexible” denture. Consisting of thermoplastic, it is completely pink and clear in color. This flexible denture does not break nearly as easily as the conventional variety.

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