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Fred H. Peck, DDS, FAACD, is a world-class cosmetic dentist in the greater Cincinnati area. As one of only three accredited fellows of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in the state of Ohio, patients come from miles away for the care he and his team provide. They offer cosmetic dentistry services, including dental implants, full mouth reconstruction, veneers, TMJ treatment, crowns, dentures, and preventive therapies. As a third-generation dentist, Dr. Peck believes in the importance of oral and overall health. Dr. Peck is only 1 of 3 Accredited Fellows of the AACD in Ohio, and of 90 WORLDWIDE.

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Dr. Fred Peck

Every day, I see the difference cosmetic dentistry can make in people’s lives. Whether it’s somebody recapturing the smile of their youth, or obtaining the smile they never had. It’s easy to be passionate about your work when the results mean so much to others.

– Fred H. Peck, DDS, FAACD

Guest Speaker & Trainer

Dr. Peck stays on the leading edge of advanced dental care and never stops training. Consequently, he has the knowledge to help you choose the best of new developments. He is an Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He completed extensive training in cosmetic dentistry and passed rigorous AACD Accreditation Board Examinations, demonstrating exceptional cosmetic dentistry skills through written and actual case work.

Dr. Peck is an ongoing lecturer at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and the UC Blue Ash Dental Hygiene Program. He also presents lectures to area dental professionals and across the United States. He has published articles in several dental publications.

Speaker Events

Upcoming Speaker Events

  • September 22, 2023 – Cosmetic Dentistry Lecture and Hands-On Demonstration on Dental Bonding at the Ohio Dental Association
  • November 27, 2023 – Lecture and Hands-On Demonstration on Dental Bonding at the Greater New York Dental Meeting

Past Lectures on Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry:

  • May 6, 2023 – Lecture about Cosmetic Dentistry at the Texas Dental Association Meeting in San Antonio, Texas
  • February 2023, lecture at the Jamaican Dental Association, Kingston Jamaica
  • October of 2022, lecture at the Dayton, OH Dental Society
  • September of 2022, lecture at Iowa Dental Association District Dental meeting, Des Moines, IA
  • August of 2022, lecture at the Southwest Dental Conference in Dallas, Texas


Fred H. Peck, DDS, FAACD provides a wide variety of dental services and procedures to address all of our patients’ dental health needs. By combining quality patient care with up-to-date technology, we are able to treat patients of all ages in a comfortable and relaxing setting. Dr. Peck and his highly trained staff are trained to not only treat patients but to identify what caused the health concern in the first place. This approach sets his patients on the road to recovery and long-term oral health.

We offer a wide variety of services for patients throughout the Cincinnati Ohio area. Our patients depend on Dr. Peck to meet all of their oral healthcare needs. Whether you need dental care, restorative solutions or a smile makeover, we can help.

Artistry and Style

Cosmetic dentistry is both an art and a science. Dr. Peck has become known for sculpting natural, beautiful smiles throughout the years. Like an artist working with a technologically advanced new medium, Dr. Peck combines vision with sophisticated materials to achieve inspired results to enhance your appearance and self-confidence.

Many of the most prominent men and women in the greater Cincinnati area, including other dentists and professionals in the field, are among Dr. Peck’s patients. His reputation in cosmetic dentistry is excellent because he is able to achieve such natural-looking results with his advanced skills and cosmetic vision.

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