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Dr. Peck and his team believes in the importance of dental care for children and adolescents. We focus on keeping patients in good oral health so that they can live a full, healthy, and enjoyable life.

Dental Growth and Development in Our Young Patients

Generally, children should visit their first dentist by the time they are one year old, or when their first tooth makes its appearance. A healthy body starts with a healthy mouth, especially in young children. you’ll be setting them up for a healthy life with good dental care. Good dental care not only includes proper habits at home and regular cleanings and exams but having a dentists’ eye on the way their mouths and airways develop will avoid health risks in the future. Dr. Peck can check how your child’s teeth and jaws are growing and identify any signs of airway problems that should be addressed.


Dr. Peck does not offer in-house orthodontics but will evaluate how your child’s adult teeth are appearing. If necessary, he will refer you do an orthodontist who has the experience to ensure that your child’s mouth is the right shape and has enough space for the adult teeth to come in. Orthodontic conditions become necessary to identify at seven or eight years old. Kids can take advantage of orthodontic options at this young age before their teeth, bones, and jawline have set in place, when reversing certain orthodontic conditions becomes more difficult. The goal is to monitor any conditions, like crowding, until it is time to recommend orthodontic appliances. By identifying the right time period, an orthodontist can ensure kids have straight teeth and healthy dental function before they reach young adulthood.

Healthy Teeth from the Start

From the beginning, dental health is vital to a vibrant and healthy life. Contact us today to schedule appointments for your children to see Dr. Peck.

Airway Evaluation

Dr. Peck understands the relationship between oral health and systemic health and is especially focused on the still-developing mouths and airway structures in children. These structures affect the oxygen supply to our bodies. Not getting enough oxygen can wreak havoc on the body systems. Dr. Peck knows how to identify the underdevelopment of the mouth and jaws and recognize signs of a breathing or sleep disorder.

There are many health issues that are associated with disordered breathing, including the following.

  • Anxiety
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD or ADHD
  • Memory and Concentration Problems
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Depression
  • Gum Disease
  • Upper Respiratory and Sinus Infections
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Chronic Pain

Disordered breathing often worsens over time but restoring the body’s needed oxygen levels by addressing the underlying structural issues early in life provides a permanent solution. With good functional breathing comes an even longer list of health benefits, including a high quality of daily life.

Ensuring Dental Health

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Child and Adolescent Care

We want to help oversee and guide the growth and development of your child’s teeth from the care of baby teeth to the appearance of adult teeth through their adolescent years. We will watch for misalignment and crowding as adult teeth come in. We will also watch for problems with breathing issues that can occur if your child has any developmental issues that could affect their oral health and systemic health as well.

As we watch over your child’s oral development, we will be able to suggest orthodontic and other treatments from the beginning and prevent more serious problems later in life.

Absolutely the best dental practice around. I would recommend them to anyone! They are caring, explain everything upfront and care about their patients. 5 Stars for sure.

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