Nice to meet you! My name is,

Dr. Megan Frew, DMD

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Xavier University
Bachelor’s of Science

2010 –

University of Louisville
Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry

2014 –


Like Dr. Peck, I am a fellow Kois Center trainee and have a huge appetite for learning! Over the past five years, I have been following in Dr. Peck’s footsteps, taking copious amounts of continued education and training in some of the same courses he once took to gain advanced knowledge and skill in cosmetic dentistry! I am only one course away from completing the advanced graduate program at The Kois Center, where I’ve learned about the latest research and techniques in restorative, implant, and esthetic dentistry from the world-renowned dentist, Dr. John Kois. I am working toward my own AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) accreditation, and I hope to work toward fellowship after, to demonstrate the exceptional level of cosmetic dentistry that Dr. Peck’s patient family expects and deserves. I feel so honored to be a part of this practice and take my job very seriously whenever a patient entrusts me with their smile!

I also love to put my artistic sense to good use as a facial injector. I have had extensive training in Botox (for cosmetic & therapeutic benefits), dermal fillers, Kybella, smooth PDO threads, and fractional skin resurfacing laser treatments. My goal is always to use a comprehensive and natural approach to help patients age like fine wine! I also teach new injectors about Botox and dermal fillers on the weekends!”

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Work Experience

For the past 5 years, Dr. Frew has lived in Cincinnati, but worked in northern Kentucky. She has working experience in the corporate world of dentistry as well as private practice, which has given her great exposure to different office dynamics and types of patients. Dr. Frew’s experiences working in multiple dental offices early in her career allowed her to find the type of dentistry she is most passionate about – which is cosmetic dentistry.

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Continuing education


Continuing Education

Dr. Frew embodies a unique blend of spunk, dedication, and passion that truly sets her apart. Her hard-working nature fuels a relentless pursuit of excellence in dentistry. Dr. Peck and Dr. Frew share in this pursuit; they are both continuously evolving and refining their skills. Dr. Frew views continuing education as not just a requirement, but a cherished opportunity to sculpt herself into the very best dentist imaginable. She has trained with The Kois Center in Seattle, Spear Education in Scottsdale, Cosmedent in Chicago and the AACD. She also participates in a local study club with other like-minded dentists and specialists in the area.



Dr. Frew graduated from Xavier University with her bachelor’s degree in Spanish before going on to dental school. Dr. Frew’s passion for language and culture became a foundation that enriched her ability to eventually connect with patients of all backgrounds. Her commitment to excellence led her to the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, where she honed her dental skills and acquired the knowledge to provide top-notch care for her patients.


Joining Dr. Peck

Dr. Frew felt that she found her dental kindred spirit when she crossed paths with Dr. Peck! They first connected over 4 years ago, when Dr. Frew was early in her career and seeking mentorship. Her unbridled enthusiasm for growth and education resonated deeply with Dr. Peck’s seasoned insight and visionary approach. When they met, Dr. Peck told Dr. Frew she was not yet ready to manage the caliber of dentistry that his patients expected… but that with the right training, she might be a fit in the future. Over the course of the subsequent 4 years, Dr. Peck advised her on what continuing education courses to take and what skills to develop to set her on the path to become a top-notch cosmetic dentist. To Dr. Peck’s pleasant surprise, she took every single CE course he suggested and demonstrated a level of passion he had seen in very few young dentists. When the stars finally aligned, Dr. Frew seamlessly integrated into Dr. Peck’s practice. The decision to unite their talents was a culmination of shared aspirations and complementary strengths. Together as partners, they share the mission to redefine what exceptional dentistry could achieve.


Beyond the office


“I lived in La Rioja, Spain for a year as an exchange student when I was 18 years old. That was one of the most transformative years of my life and a huge reason why I now LOVE to travel! Learning about new cultures and new foods is one of the coolest things to experience in life, in my humble opinion. I have a lot of destinations on my bucket list, so I genuinely love to talk with patients about their travel plans!” (The photo is from Dr. Frew’s honeymoon to Croatia!)


“I grew up wanting to be an artist. I have always loved to paint, sketch, do DIY projects, really anything that allows me to tap into my creative side. My love and appreciation for art is a big part of why I chose dentistry for a career! I saw dentistry as this beautiful blend between art and science and a career path where I could use both my intelligence and my artistic eye. In dental school, as a stress relieving outlet, I had a small Etsy shop where I made custom wood art using a combination of wood burning and painting techniques. I still make the occasional gifts in my spare time.”


“I was very fortunate to learn a lot of different sports growing up; two of those were waterskiing (slalom specifically) and snow skiing. My parents, 3 younger sisters, and I have gone on a snow ski trip every year since I was 13 and it is a tradition we have carried on into our adult lives as well. In the summer, my favorite place to be is at the lake and on the water!”



“Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with my Bernese Mountain dog, Enzo. He is 120 pounds of pure love and no… he does not realize what size he is! He is a cuddle bug, a “velcro” dog who is maybe more obsessed with me and my husband than we are with him, and he is the best energy to come home to. I’ll occasionally share some pretty entertaining videos of him being a total weirdo at the dog park.”


“I married my (freshman year) college sweetheart, Ryan, in July of 2020, in the heart of Covid times. We had our wedding “reception” in my parents living room, with about 20 people total in attendance, and it was the best day ever! Ryan and I have been together for over 13 years and he is my best friend and sounding board. He is also hilarious and is always trying to make me laugh… so I tell plenty of stories about all his antics at the office.”