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Restorative dentistry or full mouth reconstruction involves one or several restorative dental procedures to restore and replace the teeth in a person’s mouth. People with multiple oral health issues such as tooth decay, missing teeth or damaged teeth may benefit.

No matter the cause, people will find it incredibly challenging to live without a full set of functional teeth. Fortunately, we can perform a full mouth reconstruction with the latest in dental technology to restore both the functionality and appearance of your teeth.

Reconstruction Methods

Restorative dentistry involves one or several restorative dental procedures. Instead of only focusing on one aspect of the mouth, we address multiple aspects. Along with ensuring that the teeth are customized to fit each patient’s unique needs, we will replace missing teeth to create a uniform smile. This way, they can enjoy the benefits of a functional and sturdy set of teeth that also provide a great, natural appearance.

We can reconstruct a mouth with a variety of dental tools and options at our disposal. The tools, options and restorations for a full mouth reconstruction include:

Restore Dental Health

If you have experienced trauma, illness, or lost teeth, we can restore your smile to its former function and beauty.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are caps that restore the shape and size of teeth after they have been damaged. They also offer protection from further damage. When a tooth is damaged, there is always hope that it can heal on its own. Unfortunately, teeth do not heal or restore damaged enamel on their surface. However, we can help to protect and restore a tooth with a dental crown.

Dental crowns are a versatile treatment which can protect a weak tooth from infection, restore a damaged tooth, cover a dental implant, hold a dental bridge in place and provide a great, natural appearance.

We typically use a crown to restore a damaged tooth, but they can also use it to improve the appearance of a smile. A crown can consist of different materials, porcelain and ceramic. The location of the crown in the teeth will determine the best material to use. For example, front teeth need to have an all-ceramic crown, if possible, since it looks the most natural.

Dental Veneers

When completing a smile makeover, some patients use dental veneers to make their teeth appear larger. Some adults, for example, have teeth that appear too small for their smile and their frame. When this is the case, veneers can be used to elongate the teeth and make them appear more natural. Patients throughout the local area enjoy the results that they receive by using veneers.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a way to replace a missing tooth. We provide clients with dental bridges if they want to replace a tooth without wearing dentures or undergoing surgery. It looks natural and consists of a ceramic or porcelain material to match the surrounding teeth.

A dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic that can be an effective solution in cases of partial tooth loss. It is a bridge that replaces lost teeth between your remaining strong ones. However, in order to qualify for a dental bridge, you must have remaining teeth that are strong enough to support it. If you do, we will place dental crowns on those teeth so they can serve as anchors to hold up a gum-colored base that we can use to secure the bridge.

We begin the procedure by taking precise measurements of your teeth in our dental office. We will also take an impression, so the dental lab has all the information they need to create replacement teeth that look like your natural ones.

The duration of a dental bridge is different for everyone and is impacted by your daily habits. However, fixed dental bridges can last from five years to 15 years or even longer. The overall health of your mouth will influence the longevity of your bridge. Since the natural teeth with dental crowns determine the stability of the bridge, you must keep your natural teeth healthy.

To find out if you are a good candidate for a dental bridge, schedule a consultation. We also offer several other solutions for replacing missing teeth, so if a bridge is not suited to your needs, we will recommend a different solution.

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No matter the reason you have lost or damaged teeth, we have a solution to restore your dental health. Dr. Peck will take the time to sit with you in a consultation to recommend a course of treatment and is always careful to answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision. Please call our office to schedule an appointment for an exam so we can address your needs and individual circumstances to ensure the best possible results. We look forward to meeting you!

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